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Bad for You!
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Bad for You!
Season 2 Ep 7

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Alix Elias
nominated for
Best Leading Actress in "SPRINGTIME FOREVER" indie film at the
Nice International
Film Festival in France 2022

Image by Manos Gkikas

Alix & Richard

Jo Firestone

A Peacock Comedy Special
nominated for


Behind The Scenes
Self Tape Audition

Alix Elias's
Self-Tape Audition

ALix & Richard
Free Krispy Kreme


Alix & Richard
Do Stand Up!

Alix & Richard
Shoots Indie Film!

Alix & Richard

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The Web Series


The Cabaret Show

Our SUCCESSFUL "BAD FOR YOU!" live show (great songs about things we know perfectly well aren't good for us) was so much FUN,
the Food Of Love decided to showcase the agony, drama, and high-jinks of how we got "BAD FOR YOU!" up, with a web-series of six 3 to 4 minute episodes, in the tradition of Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney "B" movies putting on a show in Dad's barn. But this is MANHATTAN! It's complicated. 


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the Food of Love Trio

the cast of BAD for YOU!

Veteran NYC performers, Alix Elias, Richard Marshall, ad Woody Regan's cabaret show "BAD FOR YOU!" featured songs about things we know darn well are bad for us (smoking, drinking, high cholesterol foods, illicit sex, etc.), --which kill us, or/or make life worth living. 

Despite getting off to a wobbly start, the show SUCCEEDED, helped by funding from our original Indiegogo campaign (THANK YOU, donors!).

We're moving forward with a reality web-series about getting the silly show on its feet. 

Alix Elias

Singer Actress Writer

Director Filmmaker

A Broadway actress in multiple Tony Award winning productions: Alix Elias was in five Broadway shows including "O Dad, Poor Dad"," Hello Dolly" (Minnie Faye), "The Last Analysis" by Saul Bellow, "Two Gentleman of Verona"(Tony Award Winner Best Musical!), and “Two Weeks Somewhere Else”. Off Broadway appeared in the first U.S. production of a Caryl Churchill play "Owners", Tom Eyen's "What is Making Gilda so Grey",  was a regular on TV for 2 years in "Hooperman" (with John Ritter), recurred on "Married With Children", and the recent Law and Order spin-off "Conviction", among others, as well as performing in 100's of commercials. Starred in Adrienne Shelly's film "Lois Lives a Little", featured in Jonathan Demme's first big Hollywood film "Citizen's Band", and also in the immortal cult film "Rock and Roll High School" with the Ramones. She also writes plays. 

Richard Marshall

Singer Actor

Richard Marshall appeared on Broadway in "The Student Gypsy" and in regional theatres as leading man in every major musical from "ShowBoat", to "South Pacific", Oliver", "Most Happy Fellow", "Oklahoma", "The Sound of Music", "Annie Get Your Gun", etc., etc. He played Shakespeare for Joe Papp, and off-Broadway originated the role of Shedman Coleman in Romulous Linney's "Holy Ghosts", the lead, Bobby, written for him by Al Carmines in "A Look at the 50's", and he played the cross-dressing Lois Common Denominator in "Bingo Play" at Here. He's also appeared in indie films, TV commercials, soaps, and recently with Jon Waters (of "Hairspray" fame) on the TV show "Til Death Do Us Part". 

Woody Regan

Singer Composer Songwriter

Musician Actor

A triple threat composer/songwriter, musician, and actor whose many credits include Manhattan's Public Theatre, American Rep Theatre at Harvard, The Moscow Art Theatre, where he was the first American composer to perform his own work, and the Singapore Festival of the Arts. As accompanist and musical director, he's worked with everybody from Donny Osmond to Liliane Montevecchi, and composed scores for Sam Shepard ("When the Corn was Green/ a Chef's Fable"), as well as incidental music for plays from "Pride and Prejudice" and "The Dutchess of Malfi", to "Marvin's Room". He and Alix wrote the songs for her play "The Cosy Fan Tootie". He was a fixture in Montauk cabaret at MTP, ran for years with "Cabaret Hell--45 Minutes of Torture", and performs and musical directs  the variety show  "Groovin' On A Sunday Afternoon".


We Need

Your Support

Dear friends, followers, and well-wishers, please be part of our show by giving us donations for rehearsal studios, transportation, posters, copies, etc. etc.  We'll record our songs in a studio (hire musicians).  We need funds for marketing, photos, videos, costumes, make-up, props.  We need to rent cameras, equipment, lights.  Pay a crew. Pay for post production.

We're just small fry, but we have the same expenses as any film or video production.  But we're thrifty and imaginative!  We beg, borrow, steal.  We're resourceful.

Please help us realize our goal, so we can bring "BAD FOR YOU!", the reality web-series, to your tiny screen, and share with you our creative adventures in the demi-monde of NYC Cabaret.



11 West 8th Street, New York, NY, 10011

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The Cabaret Venue
Cornelia Street Cafe Cabaret Venue
Kabisera Cafe Venue for some scenes in the Bad for You! web series!


Tommy "Throwback" Kovac chats it up with Alix Elias, star of "Rock 'N' Roll High School", "Munchies", "Key Exchange", "True Stories" and many others. Totally radical!.